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We are a Vermont business and management consulting company. We offer effective, high ROI business strategy consulting, start-up and go to market strategy consultation, and operational efficiency for established businesses along with a full suite of digital marketing services including web development, SEO, PPC and social media management.


We create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes all marketing goals.


Our SEO management services will get your website ranked first for searches that generate more leads and sales.


We identify inefficiencies in management, product development and services, employee performance and consumer satisfaction.


A vital aspect of business growth is a social media strategy that creates meaningful interactions.


This is all about Return On Investment (ROI). Our team creates unique strategies tailored to your business goals focused on investment time & value return.

Who We Are

KPike Consulting Solutions specializes in Business Strategy & Innovation, working with start-up entrepreneurs & established companies seeking results. Our experienced team is comprised of consultants with backgrounds in start-up, finance, real-estate, marketing & fundraising.

Your Business: Our Strategies

How To Enjoy The Lifestyle You Want

in Market Strategy

How can you make more money, be more productive, AND spend more time with family and friends?...

How To Become More Successful

in Operational Efficiency

I know what you're thinking. "This is one of those how to get rich quick articles. If you're an individual, business or group looking to set higher standards or increase your bottom line, these 10 points will help you...

Work Smarter, Not Harder

in Sales and Marketing

Enjoy this straightforward and engaging TED Talk with Shawn Achor to help you change your current formula for success so you can understand that when you work harder, it doesn't always mean you're setting yourself up for success. Think more strategically, creatively & positively to see results you desire.

Key Facts About Business Today

Over 650,000 businesses are currently open today in the US.

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in the growth of our economy.

90% of start-ups fail because they don't have a proven business strategy for success.

One leader can determine the fate of a company’s future.

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KPike Consulting Solutions specializes in Business Strategy and Innovation. We strive to engage and retain our clients in professional business relationships along with delivering 100% client satisfaction.